Twelve Reads for January 2022 Monthly Wrap Up

  Typically, I am not a superstitious person; however, like most I do have a few simple quirks. For example, I don’t care for the number 13 and when reading I will not stop or start on anything with that number 13 in it. Another quirk of mine is that I believe the way you begin … Continue reading Twelve Reads for January 2022 Monthly Wrap Up

My Favorite Books of 2021

  With reading over 100 books this year there were many contenders for my “Best Reads Over 2021” list. Overall, I had a rather enjoyable reading year averaging a 4.2 rating on Goodreads. With that said, compiling this list presented a few challenges. Such as narrowing down my top tier of books. My first pass … Continue reading My Favorite Books of 2021