Adventures with Alexa at Battery Park Book Exchange & Champagne Bar

Yesterday, while in Asheville, North Carolina, I visited Battery Park Book Exchange & Champagne Bar with a friend. The ambiance of this unique destination was out of this world, or at least not what I had anticipated. It almost felt like we had stepped right into an Agatha Christie novel. Well, without the murder and mayhem.

Books lined the establishment’s walls, along with rare art, antiques, and trinkets.

As our afternoon wined, we noticed other patrons being handed Dr. Seuss books. I turned to Alexa with excitement yet confusion, wondering what the purpose was for this. And then our check came tucked away in a Dr. Seuss book, and my heart jumped with delight.

I can’t wait to return here again. Preferably with a larger group of friends, we can take over a little corner of the bookstore and sip on expensive champagne.

Watch our Insta Stories here.

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