Hocus Pocus & The All New Sequel

“Ichita Copita Melaka Mystica”

Twenty-nine years ago, I sat in a theater with my cousin, aunt, and uncle, mesmerized by three Sanderson witches, a black cat, and a few mischievous children, all of whom were running amok in Salem, Mass. Since then, the film has been a constant, especially during the Halloween “Spooky” season.

Like most millennials, I hoped for a sequel and wondered where these characters might be; however, in 2018, when this novel came out, I was hesitant to read it. Often, I’d see it in stores and wonder, “Is this worth my time?” Or better yet, “Will this ruin a staple of my childhood?” So naturally, I always put the book down.

If it isn’t apparent from previous post, I’m a huge Sarah Jessica Park fan, and when she announced that she would return to Sarah Sanderson’s role, my heart leaped for joy. It was time to read Hocus Pocus & The All New Sequel.

And… I actually liked it.

If you venture to Goodreads or any review source before reading, you may see some disparaging remarks about the book, and I would assume those remarks come from those die-hard fans of the original film. The first half of the novel is a novelization of the first film. The second half is a brand-new story revolving around Max, Alison’s daughter Poppy, and her friends Travis and Isabella. The story is cute, wholesome, and has LGBTQ representation and a comprehensive arrangement of characters. I enjoyed the story; however, I wish there had been more of the Sanderson Sisters. Now is this my Hocus Pocus? No. It’s this generation’s Hocus Pocus, and I’m okay with that, which plays into how I felt about the film that premiered last night.

Now, if you were wondering, I did order Chinese takeout and curled up with my puppy Milo to watch the film. Was it cheesy in some areas? Yes. But still, I had a fun time watching those witches and would be all for a third film in the series.

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