“When you find a community that nurtures you and your family, it isn’t enough to just live in it, you must also nurture and protect that place, and all the people who give you respite, solace, joy, and just enough hell to keep life interesting.” – Hilarie Burton Morgan

The Rural Diaries
Written by Hilarie Burton Morgan
Published May 5, 2020
5 out of 5

Obviously we’re not on Mischief Farm; however, we are in Wilmington, North Carolina aka Tree Hill and while the book begins when Hilarie is leaving OTH; I still felt like this might be the most appropriate backdrop to share the book. 

Now I was not an OG fan to begin with. In high school, I was way too cool for that teen drama. Then one night in my early 20s, I found myself home on a Friday night, newly single and running a fever. While flipping through Netflix I saw the show and was like, “Sure why not? Nobody will ever know…” Cut to a decade later and its still one of my favorite shows. 

Over the years I followed Hilarie’s career. From her Southern Gothic Production days to her Christmas movies on Lifetime, I’m here for all of it. So naturally when I heard that she would be releasing a book I immediately preordered an autographed copy and on publishing day I bought the audiobook. From front to back this book is truly incredible. I absolutely love it and have listened to the audiobook countless times. 

Speaking of listening to audiobooks. If you like podcast Hilarie along with Bethany Joy Lenz and Sophia Bush have teamed up to do a rewatch podcast of the series called, @dramaqueensoth, and yes your boy totally stayed up past his bedtime to listen to the first episode. It’s also incredible. Go check it out.