“If you can’t let go of the past, the mistakes you’ve made will eat you alive.” – Stephen King

The Outsider
Written by Stephen King
Published May 22, 2018
Rating 4/5

Over the last week I’ve read The Outsider by Stephen King. This novel is one of the most unsettling pieces of literature that I’ve ever read. During the first half of the book, while Detective Ralph Anderson is investigating Terry Maitland for the gruesome murder of an eleven-year-old boy named Frankie Peterson my mind kept going back and forth on whether Terry was innocent or not. Similar to how my mind would race when I was listening to the Serial Podcast. The novel expands even more, introducing a wide arrangement of characters. Most of whom I really liked. I also enjoyed King’s writing structure within this novel. That said this is a 5/5 read for me, highly recommended.

After finishing the novel I decided to watch the HBO adaptation of the novel. While the series was great and while I appreciated that they tried to make it their own thing while staying consistent to the source material there were major inconsistencies that I just couldn’t overlook. So for me the series is a good 3/5 for viewing pleasure. I do like the show and do recommend it. But the book is so much better!