“Yeah,” Alex says. He twists Henry’s wet hair around his fingers. “I’m glad you came this weekend,” Alex hears himself say. “It’s been so intense lately. I . . . I really needed this.”


“The B Isn’t Silent: A Crash Course on Bisexual Americans.” – Casey Mcquiston

Red, White, and Royal Blue 
Written by Casey Mcquiston
Published May 14, 2019
Rating 5/5

This summer (thanks to the Pandemic 2020) I’ve been reading immensely. This book, this book is special. It lit a fire that felt so foreign almost forgotten and I’m now aching to spend more time with Alex and Henry. 

I also want to comment on the different intersections within the novel. This is a queer story told through the lens of a bisexual Mexican American who just so happens to be the First Son and who just so happens falls in love with Prince. Queer stories are hard to come by, especially queer stories told through the lens of a bisexual. I also love the fact that he’s a man of color and not a typical white character. Because again, this is another rarity. There is so much I could dissect within this post; however, I’m going to leave it because I absolutely love this book. I love the paperback copy, I love the audiobook, and I love being in this world. Casey Mcquiston, thank you for this, sequel please?