“Since the dawn of the OASIS, thousands of elderly users had come here and painstakingly coded virtual replicas of local arcades they remembered from their childhood, thus making them a permanent part of the museum.” – Ernest Cline

Ready Player One
Written by Ernest Cline
Published August 16, 2011
Rating 5/5

To say, Ready Player One, is an extraordinary adventure is perhaps an understatement. This book is absolutely phenomenal. I happened to pair my hardback copy to the audiobook because I heard it was just that good and my mind was BLOWN!

In Chapter 22, Parzival traveled to Archaide in hopes of finding the Jade Key. What he finds is a planet rendered to pay tribute to the vector-graphic games of the late ‘70s and ‘80s. The chapter then goes on to describe how since the beginning of the OASIS elderly users had built virtual replicas of the local arcades they spent their childhoods in. I spent my childhood playing video games at the Garden City Pavilion Arcade so naturally it had to be the backdrop for this photo.

Also note thank you Quinn for the backdrop photo. It was greatly appreciated!