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One By One
Written by Ruth Ware
Published September 8, 2020
Rating 3/5

When this book arrived via @BookoftheMonth, I was absolutely thrilled! Not only was this an early release, I was reading it to tune into the @literallydeadclub’s live show with guest @thelatenightbookclub. But for me that’s pretty much where the excitement ended. Overall, I think I share the same consensus with most of the reviewers who have talked about this novel. The tech talk was absolutely fascinating, I loved the final chase scene, but it was pretty much a snooze fest. I was actually waiting for the first victim to appear as the killer or even some crazy elaborate twist but really I knew early on who the killer would be. All that said, this novel is apparently inspired by Agatha Christie’s “And Then There Were None” so I’m adding that one to my list of books to read for 2021.