“There was magic in the world, pure and simple, things she didn’t understand.” – Rebecca Roanhorse

Black Sun
Written by Rebecca Roanhorse
Published October 13, 2020
Rating 3 out of 5

Okay. Let me be frank. This is the first fantasy fiction novel I’ve read since probably middle school so I really can’t give a well versed review. This book has a lot of pros. I really loved how diverse the characters are and the LGBTQA+ representation. Really we don’t have enough stories involving bisexual characters and I was here for all of it. I also loved that there is a non-binary assassin priest in the mix and when I realized xe was Iktan’s pronouns I was like oh.. I’m totally behind. So it was a nice learning lesson for me. 

Kinda spoilery 

Out of all the characters my favorite was definitely, Xiala, who is our bisexual lead and who also happens to be a mermaid. Granted I wondered at first if she might be a siren since some of her character traits were more inline with siren mythology rather than mermaids. 

As the trilogy continues to unfold I would love to see one thing in particular happen. That being a romance developed between Lord Okoa and Serapio! Those two characters have such interesting dynamics so to see them come together and challenge one another yet allow each other to find solace within themselves would just up the ante. 

The cons for me…

While I found the world building fascinating I felt like I spent more time trying to comprehend the basics of said world and that became somewhat of a hindrance. 

. . . . .

On August 21, 2017 the United States had a total solar eclipse and where I live was in the path of totality. If you notice you will see the crescent moon in the shadows.