“Life: a constellation of vital phenomena—organization, irritability, movement, growth, reproduction, adaptation.” – Anthony Marra 

A Constellation of Vital Phenomena 

Written by Anthony Marra

Published February 4th 2014

With today being the premiere of “And Just Like That”, I felt that now is the perfect time to launch a new series here on the gram called ‘SJP Told Me to Read’ sharing books that the queen Sarah Jessica Parker has recommended over the years! Using the backdrop for Perry Street, which was the home of Carrie Bradshaw, one of the many iconic characters brought to life by Parker. 

Focusing on the lives of six characters living in war-torn Chechnya, A Constellation of Vital Phenomena, is a mesmerizing story spanning a decade between the years of 1994 and 2004. At the center of the story is Havaa, an eight year old girl whose father has been abducted. Akhmed, her neighbor, who quickly comes to her rescue hiding her in a nearly decimated hospital. And Sonja the doctor who works at said hospital who hopes to be reunited with her missing sister. 

This story is absolutely ambitious and delivers like no other. Months after reading this book I still think about these characters and where they may be in their lives. Highly recommend this stunning debut novel and can’t wait to read more from Anthony Marra.